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When it comes to your hard-earned dollars,
you want to invest with a company that has
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a wealth of experience
and excellent customer service.

Lear Capital is one of the highest rated
precious metals dealers.

Best-In-Class Reputation

Consumer Affairs - 4.9 out of 5 Stars
Trust Pilot - 4.8 out of 5 Stars
Google - 4.8 out of 5 Stars
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Consumer Affairs: 4.9/5 Stars (1,300+ reviews)
Trust Pilot: 4.8/5 Stars (1,850+ Reviews)
Google: 4.8/5 Stars (200+ reviews)
* Ratings as of December 2023.
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25+ Years
of Success
Wide Range
of Products
Safe &
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Industry Expertise
& Partnerships

More Than 25 Years of Success

Since 1997, Lear Capital has been the vanguard of the precious metals industry, with over $3 billion dollars and over 90,000 customers in precious metals transactions.

Wide Range of Products

Lear Capital offers one of the largest selections of metals in the United States. Our partnerships with the Royal Canadian and New Zealand Mints allow us to offer a wider range of 99.99% pure limited mintage coins.

Safe & Secure

Your physical metals are fully insured for delivery to your home, or can be stored in your name with Delaware Depository Service Company. DDSC is the industry-leading IRS-approved depository for the safeguarding of precious metals since 1999. Their state-of-the-art depository meets bank vault standards, and your metals receive full-protection insurance, including during transit.

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A Proven Track Record

History demonstrates that gold, on average, has consistently delivered higher returns than the stock market for the last five decades. Imagine the wealth you could have accumulated if you had the foresight to invest $100,000 in gold back in 2000. By the end of 2023, that investment would have grown to $589,888 – that’s a 490% return.

In contrast, the same $100,000 invested in the Dow Jones would have reached $327,682. Real estate performed almost on par with stocks, reaching $312,953.

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What Do Experts Say
About Investing
In Precious Metals?

The Best Investors
Are Educated Investors

Lear Capital works diligently to research market trends and share news and expert opinions with our customers through free, published reports and support for television programs.

Three economic experts appeared on the TV program MoneyFAQs, to give warnings about overall economic landscape and how precious metals can help investors hedge against uncertainty.

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Three renowned financial experts
talked about US debt —
alarming even before
the coronavirus stimulus.
Hosted by Patricia Stark

Experts Agree:
Balance Your Portfolio
With Precious Metals

Knowledgeable voices in finance believe that no portfolio is truly balanced without the benefit of precious metals. They are often used as a hedge when uncertainty enters the stock market, and to protect against the falling dollar and inflation.

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Why Own
Precious Metals?

“The ONE thing you need to do TODAY,
right now, is accept where you are.
HOPE is not an investment strategy.
Hanging on to some stock you lost money in
waiting for it to get back to even,
costs you opportunity.”
Lance Roberts
Economic Trend Forecaster

Hedge Against an
Uncertain Stock Market

Did anyone imagine the market could take such a swift turn in 2020 when the pandemic first hit, or think there was a problem one month before the 2008 financial crisis?

Nobody can see these shocks coming. That’s why the diversification of assets is important and could protect investors from unforeseen market upsets.

Is your portfolio diversified? Gold and silver provide many investors with peace of mind for the health of their portfolio.

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“Various factors lead me to conclude that gold
is one investment that you can park for the
next ten or twenty years, confident that
it will perform well.
Chris Martenson
Economic Trend Forecaster

Protect Your
Purchasing Power

The national debt now exceeds the $34 trillion mark and the dollar’s purchasing power continues to dwindle.

Meanwhile, gold has a centuries-long history of maintained purchasing power. Sixty (60) one-ounce gold coins in 2000, at $279 an ounce, would have bought you a nice new car for $16,740. At the end of 2023, with gold at $2,078 an ounce, those same 60 coins would get you a $124,680 new car. Now that’s how you can preserve your purchasing power!

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“Commodities such as gold and silver
have a world market that transcends
national borders, politics, religions
and race. A person may not like someone
else’s religion, but he’ll accept his gold.”
Robert Kiyosaki
Best-Selling Financial Author

Build Wealth With
A Tangible Asset

It is not just some blip on a statement, or a line on a chart. No government can simply print it into existence.

Precious metals are tangible and rare. As finite resources, they have inherent value and are trusted by central banks, billionaires and informed investors.

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Lear Offers a
Wide Selection

Coins fall into three main categories, and differ in how they are valued. Click a category tab below to learn the distinct advantages and limitations of each.

Bullion Coins & Bars

The value of bullion is derived primarily from its precious metals content. Therefore, the price of a bullion coins and bars is very closely related to the spot prices of gold, silver, and sometimes platinum. There is no historical precedent for bullion to command a value much beyond that of the current spot price.

Numismatic Coins

Numismatic coins are rare coins that have been minted prior to 1933 and can never be reproduced. As one might imagine, these coins become more rare over time often catapulting their worth far beyond that of the current spot price. Thus, their worth is twofold: a function of the current spot price and a premium allocated by its rarity.

Limited-Mintage Coins

Occupying a middle ground between bullion and numismatic coins is the limited-mintage category. These special version coins have a population and availability that set them apart from ordinary bullion coins because they are typically limited in their production. These coins are produced by sovereign mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint or the Australian Mint, have a government guarantee and have a monetary face value. The coins value could be two-fold: the spot price of the metal, along with any premium received due to limited production.

An example of limited-mintage coins is the Mount Rushmore series, struck by the New Zealand Mint, with an exceptional 99.99% purity.

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Direct Purchase

After you select your metals, Lear Capital securely ships them straight to you. Or, the metals can be shipped to a depository where they will be securely held in your name.

Precious Metals IRA

Eligible metals you select are shipped to an IRS-approved Custodian where your earnings will grow tax-deferred. Distributions can be handled in cash or in-kind (metals shipped to you).

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Recommend Us

Fortunately I lucked into finding Lear Capital.
Lear made gold investing a safe, profitable, and pleasurable experience for me.
S. Gorder from Seattle, WA
5 Stars
It’s a pleasure dealing with investment specialists who know what they’re doing. Through newsletters, reports and timely phone calls, Lear provides me with all the intelligence I need to make accurate investment decisions.
E. Sutherland from Atlanta, GA
5 Stars
Lear has been so helpful getting me started in silver investments and keeps me abreast of the status of my account. Deliveries have been fast. I will definitively recommend Lear to my friends.
G. Eledredge from Miami, FL
5 Stars
This was my first experience in purchasing precious metals. Lear answered all my questions and explained all options I had and the process for each. The coins arrived in mint condition. I am very pleased and I made a second purchase already.
Anthony from Lacrescent, MN
5 Stars
I have been a client for over 15 years and have always been treated professionally and efficiently. Ease of purchase and privacy always protected.
Frank from Farmington Hills, MI
5 Stars
I never expected this experience would be so easy and enjoyable. Thank you for treating me as a brother, not as a number or a bottom line. Service like yours is a rare and pleasant find.
Scot from New Bern, NC
5 Stars
My most recent precious metal coin purchase was the best I have ever done. I had a great interface with the rep who was informative and professional. I feel like I got a good deal and definitely plan to purchase again from Lear.
Peter from Trussville, AL
5 Stars
My experience was fantastic. I was able to ask all the questions I needed without any judgment from the knowledgeable staff. My order was prompt and the product received was great quality. I look forward to a continuing relationship with Lear.
Ben from Manchester, CT
5 Stars
I have placed two orders recently. Both of my experiences were very good. Lear representatives were very insightful and pleasant. The product sent was in great condition.
Mel from Costa Mesa, CA
5 Stars
My experience with Lear Capital was awesome. I did an IRA rollover into gold and silver. My rep made the process easy. I highly recommend Lear Capital.
Eric from Long Beach, CA
5 Stars
Talk about a bunch of people who follow up and really care. This is the company. They took the time to help me understand the market, the process, and what to expect. I wouldn't buy precious metals anywhere else.
Randall from Hollandale, MN
5 Stars
I have been a customer of Lear since 2009. They have educated me and guided me through every step. I recommend Lear to my friends but I always send them to Joe. I trust him and appreciate his knowledge, help, and guidance.
Anne from Merritt Island, FL
5 Stars
My questions were clearly answered. I was expertly guided through the options of purchase, and given clear advice on purchasing. I feel comfortable in the guidance given and the items purchased.
Samuel from Shreveport, LA
5 Stars
Fast and friendly service with sound financial advice. Very satisfied with the silver coins we have purchased. Will definitely explore rollover of some smaller IRA accounts. Great follow through and execution of the order.
Joseph from Los Angeles, CA
5 Stars
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